Start Blogging with WordPress

Start Blogging with WordPress

Thinking of Blogging?

Blogging is truly a great passion to have, a blog can be a place to share your opinions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences as well as learning new things and growing a community. WordPress is a great place to start your community.

Self Hosted vs

If you are new to blogging you might be confused by this. There are TWO versions of WordPress. which is an all in one option, it is the easiest option to go with. There are several plans to choose from, starting with a Free plan all the way to a premium plan.

Option two is (the self-hosted version) and going this route will require you to sign up for hosting. I use and recommend Flywheel, I use it for several personal sites as well as for clients. If you want to use a different host you can just Google “WordPress hosting” and you can find plenty of options.

For most going self-hosted is the ultimate goal, as you are able to do a lot more with customization and you have the option to monetize your site.

Whats it cost?

Well that depends, offers 3 plans with the best one costing $24.92 per month. Whats the cost to go self-hosted? If you use Flywheel the cost is about $14 per month. That’s a huge saving for the same features.

Ready to Start Blogging?

Once you have decided on which platform you are going to use, the most exciting part is to get started. There is something great about that feeling you get when you are about to share something great with the world.

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