Does A Web Hosting Control Panel Improve Your WordPress Experience?

Many WordPress users want to know whether their Web Hosting control panel will make any difference to their WordPress experience. They want to know if a cPanel is better or will Plesk, HSphere, DirectAdmin or any other brand do just the same. The short answer is that there is no short answer. To each his own. It really depends on what you want and which features are a must for your business. WordPress has a minimum set of requirements, which if you fulfill are good to go. This article explains what are the other must-have features which will make your entire WordPress experience a pleasure and why you should have a web hosting control panel to supplement the WordPress one.

Database Management

Most control panels allow you manage MySQL databases and also allow creation, deletion, and renaming of the database right from the control panel itself. You don’t need to know any commands or run any scripts, right from the control panel, you can perform these basic operations. Most control panels have 3rd party software like PHPMyAdmin to manage MySQL databases, which also offers a GUI to edit records, manage tables and manipulate databases. While you may not feel the need to have these options, they can be great time savers when you want to make quick updates to your website.

File Management and Permissions

Although WordPress does allow you to upload and manage files through its own interface, you will always need a file manager to setup file permissions and to manipulate the WordPress files themselves. The Control Panel’s file manager will also allow you to zip and unzip files and also back them up for future use. This is especially useful when you want to make customized modifications to WordPress themes or even make minor changes or correct certain buggy scripts. Making changes to the .htaccess file means that you must do it either with an FTP client or be dependent on the control panel’s file manager. The same goes for the config.php file and other important files which make up the WordPress core.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The control panels also provide you with various other tools like an Anti-Virus, Error Log and PHP Information. You may not understand the value of these options until you are a bit experienced in WordPress management. But having these tools can enable your software developer to quickly troubleshoot coding errors in your website. The Anti-Virus will allow you to scan individual files and folders to ensure that your WordPress installation is free from any virus or malware. Your Control Panel should also contain some web statistics monitoring tools which will allow you to track website visitors, error pages, broken links and visitor demographics.


Although WordPress has a lot of plugins to backup and restores the core WordPress files, having a backup facility through your Control Panel is always welcome. It is most often the easiest and most reliable way of backing up the entire account, including all WordPress files, including ones that may not be in the WordPress Directory. You can also back up the entire account with the MySQL databases into one single file, so that it is easy to move around. You can also backup the account into a compressed zip or tar.gz formats so that they take up less space.

A lot of WordPress management is dependent on the type of web hosting control panel that you have. We use and recommend cPanel for Linux Hosting and are sure you will like it too. It contains all features that an ideal WordPress Control Panel should have, full with PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Management tools, an Error Log, Anti-VirusFeature Articles, Statistics and much more.


Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Blogging Platform

There is no doubt that the blogging has changed the internet as we know it today. The days of boring, stale, static content websites are over. Bloggers have become a source of fresh and interesting content for internet users across the world. The blogosphere is constantly evolving and changing thanks to this seemingly unending stream of interesting information published by regular people like you. The great thing about the blogosphere is that anyone can contribute to it. You can start blogging and get your word out there today with a great open source blogging platform known as WordPress. Install this software on your website and you can have a blog up and running in no time. Never heard of WordPress? Well, these top companies and publications have:

  • The New York Times
  • Yahoo’s Corporate Blo
  • CNN’s Political Ticker
  • Sony PlayStation Blog
  • Southwest Airlines

The list goes on and on…

You’re probably thinking: if all these huge companies use this software called WordPress, it’s probably too complicated for a beginning blogger like me. That is just absolutely wrong. WordPress is very simple to use and anyone can start blogging with it. The reason why such large companies and small-time bloggers alike use WordPress is the simplicity, flexibility, and easy of use. Let’s not forget WordPress is absolutely free and open source. Here are some of the benefits of using WordPress as your blogging platform of choice:

An easy to use blogging platform. Write in a WYSIWYG editor, save drafts, and publish when you’re ready.

  • A huge community full of support, free templates, plugins, and additional add-ons and modifications for your blog
  • A dynamic theming system, change the look of your entire blog with one click.
  • Generate “SEO-friendly” permalinks with the click of a button.
  • Built-in RSS feed functionality.
  • Categorize and tag your blog posts.
  • Create static pages.
  • Integrated search box.
  • Automatic pinging to the top blog ping services.

The possibilities are literally endless…

With the thousands upon thousands of other blogs running WordPress, it’s popularity is undeniable. Give it a test drive yourself by signing up for a free hosted blog at or take the plunge and host it yourself. Take advantage of the variety of free tools and resources associated with this popular open source blogging software. Happy blogging!

SEO: The Importance for Your Online Business

As the web grows across the world, more and more people are getting websites, making it even more difficult to make your website shine through the crowd. Prospective customers may not remember your web address or even your company name even if you tell them. Additionally, the whole purpose of having a website is to bring your product or service to a wider audience than you can otherwise market.

Your Prospects

Those that purchase online are “skimmers” –that is, they simply go to their favorite search engine and type in a word or phrase related to their desired product or service, and usually only look as far as the first few items on the list. If you’re really lucky, they’ll look all the way to the bottom of the first page. So where do you want to be? That’s right –way up there near the top. The closer to the top of that search engine list you get, the more people will see your website. Getting you to the top of that list is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about.

The realities of modern lifestyles and economics have lent themselves to an ever-increasing number of people seeking the convenience, variety and consumer-friendly environment that is provided by making purchases online from the comfort of their own homes, as opposed to the drive time, long lines and other hassles associated with traditional shopping approaches. As more people become internet consumers every day, the importance of creating a solid web presence is vital for your business to thrive in the 21st Century.

SEO vs. IT

A common misconception is that IT (information technology) training equates to the ability to create successful websites. This is not necessarily the case. SEO training must be undertaken as a subject in and of itself, as the I.T. field is far too generalized and geared toward the technicalities of the internet to provide the kinds of marketing tricks and skills needed to create a truly successful web presence. I.T. is definitely useful, but without the necessary marketing skills, many end up working with a half-empty toolbox when it comes to the internet.

For these reasons, those proficient in the SEO field are in an ever-increasing demand. Think about it –if you can make a website make more money, what website owner in their right mind wouldn’t search you out? A competent SEO expert is one of the hottest commodities in the online world of commerce, and always has opportunities to succeed. If you can make a customer’s website climb through to the high end of the Google rankings, you will have more opportunities than you can handle!

SEO vs. Pay Per Click

If you want to increase the traffic to your website, there are basically two ways to go; you can utilize search engine optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC can yield results, but you have to find a way to get people to the advertisements on your site in order for them to click them in the first place. If you load your page down with a ton of advertisements due to a lack of traffic, it will take longer to load, be less attractive to visitors, and you will actually lose traffic (and revenue) in the long run. It is much better to focus your strategies around SEO to get high-volume “organic” traffic so that you can have the freedom to employ the tasteful use of PPC ads that compliment your web content.

Why Do SEO Strategies Fail?

SEO is as much art as science. There are many factors involved in an effective SEO strategy. However, there are three major reasons why SEO strategies fall short.

Poorly-Defined Target Audience –Often, the most well-laid SEO plans crash and burn because no effort was made to determine what kinds of people would most likely search for the content on the website.
Lack of Proper Benchmarking –How well does your site compare with similar sites across the web? Is traffic increasing relative to them? Any proper maintenance of a successful website involves a constant review of its place on the World Wide Web in relation to the competition so that any downward trends can be caught before they’re out of control and you’re at the bottom of the heap.
Neglected Content Development –If you aren’t providing new, fresh information on your site, there is no reason why anyone would continue to visit. Your website should have new, original content that is engaging and targeted to the specific audience(s) you are cultivating through your SEO strategy.


The emerging importance of effective SEO strategy is self-evident, and its importance simply can’t be over-stressed. Effective almost by itself SEO equates to an successful website, while ineffective (or absent) strategies equally ensures almost certain failure. For this reasonComputer Technology Articles, the SEO field is a permanent and ever-growing aspect of the IT industry.


Top 7 Benefits of Responsive Website for your Business

Market is flooded with different technology devices today and many more soon going to make their way into the market. As technological world continually comes up with newer devices, it forces us to adjust to it. As a business, rather than making our users adjust, we must adjust our website design so as to fit into various devices and thereby, giving an easy user-interface to our visitors on every device. Earlier, to fix this, companies used to create various web designs of same content which wasted much efforts, time, and money and also created issues with establishing rankings due to different URLs. Thankfully, we have an option of responsive website development in Sydney now.

Responsive web design refers to that type of design which optimally fits in every device to create a hassle-free viewing, reading, and navigating experience for users without much need for resizing, scrolling, or panning across various devices.

Responsive web design is not a completely fresh idea – it is doing rounds for a few years now. And, if you have ignored the value of responsive web design and your business is yet not taking advantage of this flexible web design solution, chances are you are in danger of going out of business pretty soon. Obviously, this should be of no concern to you if your business is, in no way, dependent on a website and also, if you have an alternate mobile strategy in place. But, if your business is solely or majorly dependent on its website, you seriously need to think and implement responsive web design as soon as possible.

1. Better user experience: The whole game in the competitive world is to provide better user experience to the customers and prospects in order to retain and convert them into real customers. Responsive web designs will help you in providing a positive user experience which will eventually lead to enhanced sales and profits.

2. SEO advantage: As responsive web design implies using one website as the main source instead of building different websites on different URLs for different devices, implementing responsive web design will definitely improve your SEO rankings.

3. Future is mobile: Non-mobile strategy is the riskiest thing if you plan to survive online in today’s market. Focus on mobile as it is the future, so much so that many websites plan to become an all-mobile platform. While this too might be risky for your business, the point is you cannot ignore the large population that is coming online to view your website via mobile.

4. Saves money: Sure, by this time, you might be seriously thinking of including mobile web design in your online strategy. With responsive website development in Sydney, you need not create multiple web designs but only maintain a single website across various channels. Thus, much money can be saved through the course and time can be saved as you can make changes and build pages faster.

5. No duplicate content penalties: If you have multiple version of your website, chances are you would be having similar/ same content across them, if obviously, you come up with unique content for all of them, which means wasting more time, talent, and efforts. If you have a responsive web design that runs across all devices, you can have same content under the same URL without running the risk of copied content penalties by search engines.

6. Offline browsing: Most of the tablets and smartphones are HTML5 enabled, which means users can browse web pages offline too if they have saved them for offline reading. Thus, it’s a good idea to go mobile and present your users more contact time with your website while they are on move and are without an internet connection.

7. Technologically forward: While we talk about how a responsive website can help you in saving money, efforts, and time while keeping you ahead of your competitors, let us tell you responsive web design can help you look tech-friendly and cool. If you are up to date and are using latest technologies, it shows you are modern and sophisticated, which will also show in your products and services.