Start Blogging with WordPress

Thinking of Blogging? Blogging is truly a great passion to have, a blog can be a place to share your opinions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences as well as learning new things and growing a community. WordPress is a great place to start your community. Self Hosted vs If you are new to blogging you might […]

Creating a Temporary WordPress Account

The Issue Have you ever had someone ask you for your WordPress login to help troubleshoot an issue? I do it all the time. Sometimes that the only way to figure out what issues may be going on. When I am asked for my login I usually get an uneasy feeling, come on your giving […]

The WordPress Reader If you’re considering starting a website, most likely you will seek advice from people who already have gone through the process. I stick to offering help to users on Twitter, but Twitter isn’t the only source, dozens of forums and websites exist to help people with their WordPress journey. Most people will recommend going […]

My Thoughts on Gutenberg

Having tried out the Gutenberg plugin on my test site, I thought I would offer my perspective on how it functions. I feel like using Gutenberg is like using Visual Composer or Cornerstone which is part of the X theme. It’s another block layout builder. Nothing new, I understand why the developers working on WordPress […]

Backup your site before making changes.

I had an issue recently with a client site where I had done an update to a very popular plugin and halfway through I started to get error messages. Ok, no big deal right? Wrong. I refreshed the page and bam ?? I got a white screen on the admin page. I thought oh no! ?. […]

Move to Self-Hosted WordPress

Moving from to will seem overwhelming at first but it really is a straightforward process. You should definitely plan ahead and make sure you are ready before you make the switch. Always have a backup of your site just incase. Hosting Make sure you have set up your hosting for your site. I currently […] or

Being on Twitter helping people with WordPress issues, I have come across questions quite often. “Whats the difference between and” It’s really a simple answer so here it goes: If you have a website with your URL will be You will not be able to upload any themes or plugins. […]

How to disable a plugin from cPanel

I’ve been there, installed a plugin and then the worst happens. The white screen with an error code across the top. The admin area is always affected as well. Can’t login. Solution? Delete the plugin from the directories folder. Now, not everyone has a cPanel. It depends on your hosting provider. cPanel Because of how […]