Self-Hosted Migration Service

Self-Hosted Migration Service

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Are you on Feeling like you want more ways to customize your site but can’t? Want to install 3rd party theme or plugins? Want to use your own domain? If so, it is time to consider moving to

3 Things You Need

  1. Domain, if your URL is its time to get your very own domain.
  2. Hosting, you will need a place where your site can live.
  3. Theme, the theme you are currently using will not transfer over if it’s a premium theme you bought. Time to purchase a new theme.

Go Time

By using our links for your domain, hosting and theme I receive a commission for each sign-up and that is how I am able to offer this migration service for free.

Whats Next?

After you have completed the 3 steps its time for us to do the work.

Fill out the form below and we can get started.


If you prefer to sign up for your own services and still want help migrating you can purchase the migration here.